Last updates

2012-04-27 IPv6 address changed new IPv6 address is 2a02:350:400:1000::1001:10
2012-04-24 IPv4 address changed new IPv4 address is
2008-11-11 www portal at IPv6 www gui accessible via IPv6
2008-10-22 updated legal info coordination with international law
2008-10-14 first advertiser ad-feeder added and even with real ads
2008-10-02 updated home page homepage layout finalized, tag cloud added
2008-09-05 added provisioning backported provisioning from our other product
2008-08-16 added call tester for simplier pbx administration
2008-08-01 pbx www gui finalized css styles finalized
2008-07-31 pbx V1 finalized pbx is rock-solid, no pending issues
2008-06-16 www gui works www gui for customers accounts management
2008-06-02 portal draft ready bussines application logic and DB structures
2008-05-06 pbx V0.5 works a lot of bugfixes applied, pbx is stable
2008-04-01 first customer/tester noone developer can imagine what users do
2008-03-09 pbx V0.1 works all code compiles well and seems to work
2008-02-20 first pbx draft ready database structures and call routing logic
2008-01-06 pbxspace start pbxspace project setup