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Like any successful company, we – Unified Communications AG – have absolutely clear and objective ranking values.
And because we think that you should know it, here it is:


Improving the quality of life by providing innovative telecommunications solutions with high added value, with a focus on Internet telephony.
Contribute to the protection of the environment by providing virtual pbx service – pbxspace – that the fees for the operation are considerably lower than the cost of electricity associated with the production, operation and maintenance of normal branch exchange.
Assisting the development of free telephony using ENUM.
Promote innovative open source projects in the field of telecommunications, ie to actively participate in the development, promotion, dissemination and financing.
Maintain independence and sustained growth of our company through solid financing and reasonable profits.


Maintain our position of globally recognized provider of innovative telecommunications solutions based on virtual PBX and be a leader in promoting innovative open source projects in the field of telecommunications.
In our business activities to contribute to sustainable development in the field of innovative telecommunications solutions while respecting ethical rules and principles of environmental protection.
Together with our partners competently and reliably meet the wishes of our clients.
Therefore we present for our customers and associates the best option.


What we recognize? What we care? How we go for our objective?
Here are seven of our most important values:

  • Reliability
    The reliability and quality of our service is the foundation of trust and long-term cooperation. We cooperate only with reliable partners to offer our users only reliable services again.
  • Open and friendly approach
    We communicate openly and with a sufficient dose of empathy. Concealment or distorted information disallow, as well as impersonal behavior to users. We respect and honour cultural and social habits of our users.
  • The customer always gets something extra
    We never do with what the customer wants. We always try to offer them something more!
  • Why make things complicated when it is simply
    Complex problems and complications are insoluble challenge for us to find innovative solutions. We understand but that the majority of users doesn't have the time or taste for it, and therefore our telecommunications solutions are proposed as easily as possible, but without losing their functionality.
  • Being the best is our path
    Being the best is not for us cause for satisfaction, but the challenge to move the boundaries of possibilities a bit further.
  • The best preparation for the future is to create it
    Being prepared is the foundation for the future, predict it is an advantage, but only creating the future will keep us in the forefront. We use every opportunity to move the boundaries of human thinking in the field of innovative telecommunications solutions, and thus maintain primacy for us and for our clients.
  • The source of the growth are knowledges
    Only the constant development of knowledge of each member of our team can create the future today. Therefore, we attach great emphasis on personal training and knowledge sharing.