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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic information about the service

  1. What is a virtual telephone private branch exchange pbxspace?
  2. What is the service pbxspace exceptional?
  3. Can I try the pbxspace service for free?
  4. How do I save with the pbxspace service?
  5. For whom the pbxspace service is intended?
  6. What do I need to operate pbxspace?
  7. How do I setup pbxspace service?
  8. How much costs pbxspace?
  9. Is the service pbxspace enough configurable?
  10. What is the reliability and quality of pbxspace service?

Usernames and passwords

  1. What is the difference between a user account and the user and administration interface of virtual pbx pbxspace?
  2. What is the username and password to my user account on the portal pbxspace?
  3. What is the username and password to the administration web interface of my virtual pbx?
  4. What is the username and password to the web user interface of my extension in the virtual pbx?
  5. Where should I enter my usernames and passwords?

Calling with pbxspace

  1. How should I dial a phone number?
  2. How can I call for free with the pbxspace service?
  3. What telephone operator can I call with when using pbxspace service?
  4. Is the pbxspace service also telephone operator service?
  5. How do I get phone numbers?
  6. Can I be available at more telephone numbers at the same time?
  7. How can I determine using which operator the call will be made?
  8. How to specify what number will be assigned to outgoing call?
  9. Supports pbxspace emergency calls (police, firemen, etc.)?
  10. What special services supports the pbxspace service?

Endpoint devices

  1. What is the end-user equipment?
  2. What else do I need together with end-user equipment?
  3. How do I set up end-user equipment for pbxspace?
  4. Can I register at once more than one end-user equipment to my extension?
  5. How can I set the tone dialing (DTMF) and/or codecs on my end-user equipment?

Orders, payments, invoices

  1. How do I subscribe to the pbxspace service?
  2. How is the pbxspace service charged?
  3. How do I get proof of payment (invoice)? Could it be changed later?
  4. Can I change my pbxspace service account type?
  5. How will be the pbxspace service cancelled?