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Help – Case Studies

Basic usage I.

Jakub Novak, 25 years old, live with his parents in Prague, student of archeology, who do participate in any archaeological excavations in the world, where he meets the archeology students from other universities worldwide.

His requirements:

  • be available to his friends from abroad at the telephone number belonging to their country – their calls are billed only as a local tariff of the national telephone operator
  • to call his friends abroad with the outgoing phone number corresponding to the identification of the target country – his friends will be able to not only to identify him, but even use the Callback
  • wants to have only one phone account – wants to call, therefore, only through one operator, but with the possibility of using more outgoing identification
  • wants to be available at all international numbers not only on his phone at home, but also directly on his mobile phone connected to the internet

How helps him the virtual pbx pbxspace:

  • -----> one user can be available at two terminals at the same time

Basic usage II.

coming from Germany, residencing for one year in England as a nurse. Parents live in Berlin, brother in Hamburg and sister are wededd in Australia.

Her requirements:

  • wants to call to all relatives free of charge
  • to make conference calls between all the related
  • wants to remain available at her original German fixed telephone number in England
  • for her sister, who works in Australia as an insurance agent and therefore a lot of traveling, to be available at Australian fixed telephone number, so that her sister could call her from any destination in Australia and pay for only a local call tariffs of Australian operator

How helps her the virtual pbx pbxspace:

  • -----> multiply pbx users, each with the appropriate terminal

Basic usage III.

Francois Laper, 45 years old, residing in Paris, the agent of not listed French company. Virtually the entire ½ year traveling commercially in France. Not so far recovered from the divorce 10 years ago, and he used life that in every corner of France has a girlfriend. His employer does not allow him to carry out private calls from a company mobile phone, and thus he has an additional private mobile phone, and at the operator with whom he may choose one fixed telephone number, which can call free of charge.

His requirements:

  • to be able to call any time one of her girlfriends from his private mobile phone
  • don't want his girlfriends to know his fixed phone number in Paris
  • to call girlfriends free of charge directly by choosing them from the phone book of his mobile phone

How helps him the virtual pbx pbxspace:

  • -----> DISA usage through the mobile phone with the possibility of saving destinations with the "Pause"