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Help – Account creation/management

Virtual pbx pbxspace service can be used only with the prior establishment of a user account at www.pbxspace.eu. This can be achieved in the following three steps, when with free Trial account last step is of course not needed.

1. Ordering account
2. Registration e-mail confirmation
3. Ordered account payment

Account order

When you click on the CREATE ACCOUNT the registration form appears.


All entered data, except your e-mail address, you can arbitrarily change in the user account settings. You can even change the user from individuals to business and vice versa. For the sake of completeness note that all data and changes must correspond to reality. Otherwise, you grossly violate General conditions. The pbxspace service provider stores the complete history of entered data and their changes. Therefore, any subsequent identification is whenever possible!

Providing of valid data is the more important at all because in the case of ordering paid service the invoice will be automatically created from them. Any additional changes to the invoice can not be done! Please pay sufficient attention when you fill out registration.

Account type

First choose the type of account. If you are unsure which of the accounts is the most advantageous to you, please select a test account Trial, in which you can switch between all types of offered accounts, to become familiar with their differences! If you order one of the offered accounts during 3-day trial period, all the settings of your virtual pbx pbxspace stay available in your new ordered service (including calls statements, usernames and passwords, etc.). Otherwise, after the end of the trial period the account will be automatically deleted.

E-mail address

Your e-mail address will become at the same time your username for access to user account! Because it is not possible to change that at a later date, please pay attention when choosing your e-mail address!


User password, which is besides to your username required to access the user account at pbxspace virtual pbx. Must consist of at least eight of any characters. We recommend using the letters without diacritics in combination with numbers and special characters (_?!+-.). The password system distinguishes between upper and lower case letters! The password you can change later at any time.

Time zone

User time zone based on the zoneinfo database. By this setting will be converted all the time values displayed on your user interface - like the expiration date and time, accounts events (create an account, change account information, log into your account), and orders and payments.
Please note that communication between the provider of the pbxspace and the user takes place exclusively in the time zone Europe/Zurich, and it is also the date and time indicated on your tax documents independent of the time zone, which is set here!


Selected language determines the language of the Web interface after login into a user account. Furthermore, the language of automatic e-mail messages sent by the portal (request for a re-send the password to the user specified e-mail, etc.).


Choose whether the order as an individual or a business. As an individual you enter only sex, last and first name and your address. For business, enter its name, national identification number and address. If you check taht the company is payer of value added tax, you must also fill out the appropriate VAT identification number. We strongly notice that for companies based in European Union, the check of the accuracy of tax identification number takes place during the registration. When non-compliance you will not be able to create an account. See details at vies.
Furthermore, it is necessary to enter the sex, last and first name of a contact person.

General conditions

Please review carefully specified General conditions. Your agreement to them you have to confirm by checking the appropriate choice.

Security code

Please retype the text from the picture into the box. This is our necessary defense against the robots.

Referrer code

You can fill in the special code that identifies the person who recommends you the pbxspace service. Such a user then can obtain small gift from the service provider.

After clicking on CREATE, a completed order form will be posted.
Any irregularities prevent the form posting and are highlighted in red. Corrected order form you have to re-send using button CREATE.

Confirmation link

After a successful order submit, you get registration e-mail to your address, which is required to confirm in the described manner. After that you get an order confirmation e-mail with detailed information about the created account. We recommend that you carefully preserve this e-mail. If you've set up a free Trial account, you can log on from that moment in your user account in the section Login at www.pbxspace.eu, with the information provided in the information e-mail.

Account payment

Log in to your user account in the Login section at www.pbxspace.eu using the data provided in the sent information e-mail. You will be asked to pay the service you ordered, which is possible only through the PayPal service using a credit card or their own account. About successful payment you will be informed in the browser window at first, and than you will be sent an e-mail with relevant invoice. From this moment, when you log on to the account, demand for payment does not appear, and you will be diverted directly to a user zone of your account.